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Deep Sea and Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester MA

Deep Sea and Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester MA

Deep Sea and Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester MADeep Sea and Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester MADeep Sea and Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester MA


 The F/V SWEET DREAM fishes out of the historic port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, also known as fish town, the home of the tragic events surrounding the loss of the Andrea Gail in the Perfect Storm and the hit TV series Wicked Tuna. The F/V SWEET DREAM plies the inshore and offshore waters of Massachusetts Bay, Cape Cod Bay and the Gulf of Maine for Cod, Pollock and Haddock; Giant and School Bluefin Tuna, Mako, Porbeagle, Thresher and Blue Sharks; Atlantic Halibut; and Striped Bass and Bluefish. Fishing from Gloucester combined with the speed of the F/V SWEET DREAM allows us maximum flexibility in finding fish. The primary fishing grounds include all three major fishing grounds east of Cape Ann: Stellwagen Bank, Tillies Bank and Jeffrey's Ledge. We also make iron man trips to distant Fippennies Ledge to find Atlantic Halibut.   

What we fish for on the F/V SWEET DREAM


118" 960 pound giant bluefin tuna

Giant Bluefin Tuna are the largest, fastest and strongest game fish of the North Atlantic. There is no mistaking the bite of a giant tuna and the ensuing battle from hook up to tail rope.  We specialize in Giant Tuna Fishing and helping you catch a fish of a life time. It is our passion and an addiction.

Haddock, Cod and Pollock

Fippennies Ledge Jumbo Pollock and Haddock

Haddock Fishing is a fully recovered fishery with abundant stocks 5-20 miles from our berth. This is catch and fillet fishing at its best. Expect to catch a lot of fish including haddock, cod and pollock to fill your coolers and feed the family.

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic Halibut caught off Gloucester MA

The Atlantic Halibut is a bucket list fish for many fisherman. We are one of the few US fishing charters that target them. We travel to distant Fippennies Ledge to give you legit chance of landing the largest of all flat fish!


300 pound Porbeagle shark

Large pelagic sharks frequent the waters off Gloucester MA. They offer a big game fishing option with multiple hook ups and sharks from 100 to 400 pounds or more are common.  It is primarily a catch and release fishery. 

Striped Bass

Striped Bass caught off Gloucester MA

Striped Bass are the inshore family friendly fishing option off Cape Ann MA.  Caught on light tackle with live and dead baits they offer a good fight and are good table fare also.  


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 In addition to the fish we pursue, it is common to observe marine mammals including Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Finback Whales and White Sided Dolphin. In addition to the whales, sighting basking sharks, sea turtles and ocean sunfish (mola-mola) is not uncommon in the warmer months.  Along with the animals in the sea we encounter a large variety of birds including Gulls, Terns, Shearwaters, Gannets, Petrels and Cormorants. Often it is some combination of these forms of marine life that lead us to the fish. 

Humpback Whales Feeding

Humpback Whales Feeding